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We are certified landscape designers specializing in landscaping & design & concrete curbing

Since 2009 Extreme Landscaping & Curbing has been providing affordable landscaping and custom concrete curbing for that finishing touch around your home and business throughout Essex County, Ontario. We create concrete curbing around driveways, walkways, gardens and pools. Curbs adds value to your home. Our cement curbs are a continuous piece of concrete mixed onsite and can be any colour of your choice.  Visit our cement curbing page to view the many different stamp designs, profiles and colours we have to choose from. View our portfolio page to see the many curbing style choices we have to offer. Check out our landscaping page to view before and after samples of our landscaping and curbing as well as some samples of our computer rendered 3D landscaping designs.

Warranty & Guarantee

All of our cement curbs contain fibre mesh, steel cables and added mixtures to ensure strength and flexibility. Installation is clean and average size jobs can be completed in just one day. Our curbs will last a lifetime with proper care. We provide a one-year warranty against any defects in our materials and workmanship of your cement curbs. Your curbs will be replaced at no charge if the defect is caused by the materials used or our installation.


Our Extreme Curbing & Landscaping business has been in operation since 2009. Our designers and landscapers have graduated from the St. Clair College Landscape Horticulture program, and bring over 12 plus years of experience to our landscaping and curbing company. We have completed work in Windsor and throughout Essex county as well as the greater Toronto area with hundreds of satisfied clients. We are confident and comfortable when creating beautiful landscape and cement curb designs. Our company is very easy to work with and prompt and efficient with our results.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on quality. All of our work is done with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Our team has a trained eye for landscape aesthetics for everyone’s budget. First, we meet with the client to survey the property and discuss our possible solutions and ideas. Second, we create a design that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Work is always completed in a professional manner, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

In Detail…

Extreme Landscaping & Curbing uses high quality materials to create colour (if chosen) for your cement curbing. Cement curbing textures, patterns, and styles can be chosen by the customer. There is no limitation to our landscaping. We are a full service company that can provide landscaping and curbing materials as well as design and install them.

Why Choose Extreme Curbing & Landscaping?

We are locally owned and operated in the Windsor, Ontario – Essex County area. We take pleasure in helping our local clients beautify the landscaping and curb appeal of their homes and/or businesses. It is very rewarding for us to see our beautiful landscaping and curbing results. We take pride in our landscaping and custom curbing work and offer excellent customer service during and after our work process.

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